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Reduce Damp Through Remote Monitoring

Whether you’ve got a large holiday home in the country to rent or a cosy motorhome, monitoring your property when it’s less in use can be difficult at a distance.

Over the winter, landlords and motorhome owners face the nightmare of cold nights and damp mornings increasing the chances of mould developing, wooden fixtures warping and soft furniture deteriorating. This is particularly difficult to manage if such properties are located off premises, such as off-site motorhome and caravan storage or remote holiday homes out of the holiday season.

However, these risks can be hugely reduced with the installation of a simple device to record, monitor and alert you to any fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels you should be aware of, anytime from anywhere.

If your property has a WiFi connection, the EL-WiFi-TH and EL-WiFi-TH+ temperature and humidity loggers will continuously record readings to your EasyLog Cloud account, meaning you can access, view and analyse the data from anywhere. The device will also send you an alert via email if the temperature or humidity readings exceed your own pre-set limits at any time, giving you peace of mind.

For areas, such as motorhome or caravan storage, without a WiFi connection, why not consider our small, economic and discrete EL-USB range of data loggers with or without an LCD screen to display live readings. Data can be collected manually at any point by simply collecting the USB logger and plugging it into a PC or laptop.

Looking for peace of mind this winter? View our product ranges to find out how they can help your storage stay in optimum condition.

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Created on 13/12/2018