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One of the UK’s most well-known high street retailers has chosen the FilesThruTheAir™ wireless sensors and Cloud monitoring programme for their stores.  This installation has given the retailer a new level of visibility and control over temperatures within their store chiller cabinets and in turn enabling them to provide the highest level of quality to their customers.

This retail chain previously utilised the traditional ‘plug-in’ data logger which required manual collection of data that could only provide a retrospective view of temperatures.  Today, the forward-thinking retailer has over 700 FilesThruTheAir™ wireless devices that monitor temperature (high accuracy devices), provide audible and visual alerts and transmit live data to a central Cloud-based monitoring system. This Cloud system is currently monitoring over 200 different retail locations and is being accessed by over 250 different users.  Head Office has centralised control of the monitoring programme and is able to assign different levels of access to users within a hierarchical permission-based structure.

Users are able to view the Cloud’s Device Dashboard via their PC, tablet or smartphone from any location to get a clear picture as to the status of their devices.  Alarms can be set for each sensor to indicate when temperature variations exceed accepted levels, these alarms are sent direct to key personnel who can then take any necessary action immediately.  This inevitably has led to efficiencies and cost saving across its business.

The FilesThruTheAir™ team has been fortunate to work closely with the retailer to ensure the Cloud-based solution and the WiFi sensors cater for nuances specific to the retail environment.  It’s this partnership approach and scalability of the system that will enable a further roll out of devices across its entire retail portfolio, which will see the final solution more than double in size.

You can contact the FilesThruTheAir™ team if you’d like to discuss how we may be able to help your business on 01425 651111 or email


Created on 19/11/2014