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Introducing the EL-MOTE WiFi Data Logging Range

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Introducing the EL-MOTE WiFi Data Logging Range

FilesThruTheAir are proud to announce the launch of our new range of WiFi-Connected Data Loggers, EL-MOTE.

EL-MOTE Data Loggers monitor temperature and humidity in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Once set up, devices will continually record all readings to the EasyLog™ Cloud, which can be easily accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone.

In the product range are a series of eight different temperature and temperature & humidity remote data loggers, combining a subtle, sleek and waterproof design with interchangeable measurement probes, up to two measurement channels and two years of potential battery life. Users can access data on any web browser or the EasyLog™ Cloud App.

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Different probe types make EL-MOTE a versatile and multifunctional data logging option.

  1. Ambient temperature stub probes are great for environmental monitoring both indoors and out.

  2. External temperature probes are on lengths of cable, making them useful in applications such as monitoring fridges or freezers, where the EL-MOTE device itself does not need to be.

  3. External temperature and humidity probes are on a length of cable, great for monitoring temperature and relative humidity in areas that you don’t need to install the EL-MOTE device itself, such as museum enclosures or a reptile terrarium.

More About EasyLog™ Cloud

The new EasyLog™ Cloud harnesses the power of IoT to automate data logging and alert notifications, giving users the ability to monitor and manage multiple data logging devices in different locations completely remotely.

The system easily scales to meet everyone's’ needs. Perfect for everything from compact systems with just a few measuring points to corporate solutions with thousands of devices around the globe.

EasyLog Cloud

Created on 07/06/2018