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Planning to go away over the winter? Worried about your home or rented property over the frosty period? Avoid pipes bursting with these simple tips and find out how data logging can prevent the winter taking its toll on your property…

Burst pipes occur when the temperature around exposed pipes falls low enough for water inside to freeze and expand. Continual freezing can cause cracking and even the bursting of pipes which can cause flooding in your home. A leaking pipe can spill around 2,200 gallons of water a day if left unchecked and insurance claims for internal flooding can cost up to £100,000.

When away from your property – be it your home or a property you infrequently visit – installing a temperature monitoring system can put your mind at ease. Experts recommend ensuring your house is kept at a minimum temperature of 12-15⁰C if it is forecast to freeze. Using one of our EL-WiFi data loggers, you can ensure that your heating system is achieving this consistently via the Cloud. Our online Cloud system allows you to check your temperature and humidity readings whenever, wherever you are from your PC, mobile or tablet device. Meaning you can enjoy your winter break with peace of mind.

For monitoring ambient temperature in your property, the EL-WIFI-T has a temperature measurement range of -20⁰C to +60⁰C and an accuracy of ±0.5°C. To measure humidity and temperature, the EL-WiFi-TH is perfect for logging and displaying the two measurements to ensure damp is also not affecting your property. One of the main areas in which pipes are likely to burst is in lofts and attics where they are more exposed. Why not reduce this risk with an EL-WIFI-TP, a sensor with a temperature probe attached on a wire meaning you can display your logger inside the house for easy visual checking while attaching the probe to your loft to monitor this cooler part of the house.

Other tips to avoid pipes bursting include:

-          Insulate pipes in the attic and other exposed areas where they are more likely to freeze

-          Leave doors open on kitchen and bathroom cabinets; this will allow warmer air to circulate and reach pipes under sinks and in adjacent outside wall

-          Turn off the water supply to outside taps where freezing is more likely to occur

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For more information on protecting your home from internal flooding consult these sources:

Created on 21/01/2019