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Enhancements to the FilesThruTheAirâ„¢ Cloud

We have updated and enhanced our Cloud remote monitoring platform, adding a number of new features for better usability and functionality of its Cloud-enabled environmental monitoring system. The new features, many of which were suggested by users, range from more tailored alarms, to a new Event Log that enables organisations to keep better track of issue resolution.

For the food & drink industry

For the food and drink industry these new features give supply chain managers the ability to look at just a specified date range. This helps those monitoring food and drink to see if anything specific would have affected certain batches of production. The new capabilities also enable users to add notes to specific alarm email alerts - such as ‘Stock damaged – dispose’ - increasing the simplicity of decision making and increasing clarity around next steps for supply chain managers.

For the medical and pharmaceutical industry

For the medical and pharmaceutical industry, these new features enable product managers to provide even more assurance as to the integrity of their products. It also means that if alarms are fitted on a specific appliance, such as a vaccine fridge, then customised instructions can be automatically issued as to what needs to happen now via an email - for example ‘Stock damaged – dispose’ - if temperature and/or humidity levels have reached a specific limit.

For the facilities and logistics industry

For facility or logistics managers the new Event Log features enable them to see the sensor events, such as outages or alarms, immediately alongside their resolution - helping the manager to keep an eye on what ‘events’ are yet to be resolved and to pursue their resolution. A new Daily Summary Email also allows the manager to notify assigned users as to the status of all relevant sensors over a certain period - helping resources to be directed more efficiently.

New Event Log

The Event Log is one of the most valuable features of the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud platform and the upgrade sees six new improvements to its format and capabilities. Events now correlate alongside their resolutions rather than being displayed in a continuous list - making checking events and resolutions easy. Events can also be ‘closed’ by users so that when filtering users can focus on ‘open’ or unresolved issues more easily. Next to each Event and its Resolution you can now add multiple notes - each comment is marked with the name of the user who added it and the time/date. The updates also allow users to select a pre-defined period from the zoom menu to narrow the list of events to view. These features make it far easier to sort and filter events to show those which still need investigation or action.

New Daily Summary Email

Another key new feature is the addition of a Daily Summary Email. Users can choose to send selected people a summary detailing events from all the sensors they need to see. Once a day the Cloud will send an email with a CSV file attachment containing a list of all Closed and Resolved events from the preceding 24 hours, and a list of any outstanding issues which have not yet been resolved.

Customisable text for alarm emails

Finally the updates now also allow users to add customisable text to alarm notification emails. This enables simple actions to be clearly displayed to users in a number of common scenarios - whether that is disposing of goods that have fallen outside of temperature ranges, or altering the climatic settings in a storage environment.

The updates to the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud are available now and a full run down of these is available here. Please contact our sales team at +44 1425 651111 or visit for further information.

Created on 03/12/2014