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As many pubs, restaurants, and cafés are expected to have staff shortages in the coming weeks, FilesThruTheAir Data Loggers can replace manual temperature checks and reduce the workload for the remaining staff.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic entering the fast-growth stage, inevitably, a number of public facilities such as bars, restaurants, and cafés will suffer from widespread staff absences. Many of these facilities will have temperature-sensitive goods including food and drink, for which they must be able to evidence regular temperature checks, commonly recorded manually by on-duty staff.

The UK FSA regulates that chilled food must be kept at 8°C or below, and frozen food at -18°C or below. Without being able to evidence due diligence to maintain goods at the correct temperature, businesses have to waste stock, which otherwise may have been perfectly safe.

FilesThruTheAir™ offer a variety of Wi-Fi connected data loggers which can be used to solve this problem. Products belonging to the EL-WiFi range and EL-MOTE range take temperature measurements at regular intervals and automatically log this data to the EasyLog cloud. The EasyLog Cloud is advanced and user-friendly software that allows the user to view, analyse, and report data 24/7, online, from anywhere in the world.

For any businesses suffering from staff shortages due to the coronavirus, this means that they can continue to maintain up-to-date temperature records for any temperature-sensitive goods, potentially preventing wastage, whilst removing the burden of manual temperature checks for their remaining staff.

Furthermore, set custom alert limits and receive an email notification if any food reaches these limits. This will notify you if any specific chiller or freezer reaches a damaging temperature. You can then dispose of the food from that environment so that you avoid serving unsafe food to customers. If you are able to react to the email notification with corrective action (e.g. move food to an alternative chiller or freezer), you may even be able to avoid wastage altogether!

The best-suited products that we offer for this application are EL-WiFi-TP and EL-MOTE-TP. Both connect to the EasyLog Cloud via Wi-Fi and measure temperature using an external thermistor probe. However, the EL-WiFi has an LCD screen which displays live temperature, minimum and maximum readings, and alarm status. Meanwhile, the EL-MOTE does not have a screen, but, it is water-resistant to IP67 rating, and has an audible alarm which could prove useful in notifying on-hand staff of temperature issues quickly and giving them the best possible chance to organise corrective action (e.g. moving goods to an alternative chiller).

Even after the Coronavirus, these products are a great way to save staff resource, replacing manual temperature checks. Simply give your facility manager access to the EasyLog Cloud and train staff in how to react to temperature-related issues.

Buy EL-WiFi-TP for £99.99

Buy EL-MOTE-TP for £99.95

For advice selecting the most appropriate product for your specific application, contact our team on +44 (0)1425 651111

Created on 18/03/2020