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New EnviroPad-TC Smart Thermometer

Log, capture and record temperature readings on one device

We've now launched our EnviroPad-TC, a robust, easy to use, handheld Smart Thermometer that takes and records temperature readings via its attached thermocouple probe. Operating in three modes - Data Logging, Spot Measurement and CheckList - its broad functionality makes it the perfect device for users requiring immediate, short term and longer term temperature monitoring. Its large full colour touchscreen display and clear menu-based instructions for use in each mode make the EnviroPad-TC easy to navigate. Supplied with a handheld 316 stainless steel K-Type probe, the unit has an integrated mini thermocouple connector in its base so users can substitute any J,K,N or T-Type probe of their choice. 

In its data logging mode, the EnviroPad-TC can be set-up to take temperature readings at predetermined intervals. All data logging parameters are set using the EnviroPad’s touchscreen interface, with custom settings such as: sample rate, high & low alarms and delayed start. Once collected, data can be viewed on-screen as a graph or downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

In Spot Measurement Mode, the EnviroPad-TC can be used as a thermometer to manually capture temperature readings displayed on screen. A new measurement is taken each time the user presses the on-screen ‘RECORD’ button. Over 65,000 spot measurements can be recorded in each file.

The CheckList function allows users to create a customised list of measurement items using free PC software. This function suits applications where the same set of measurements need to be regularly checked. Features include; minimum and maximum temperatures, pass/fail criteria, and the attachment of comments to individual readings on the EnviroPad-TC. All tabular data can be downloaded and displayed in the software and exported in PDF or CSV format.

The EnviroPad-TC is available immediately from Store at a cost of £109. A removable protective case for increased durability and additional probes can also be purchased separately. For further information, call the Corintech sales team at 01425 655111 or view the EnviroPad-TC Product Datasheet.

Created on 30/10/2014