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Richard Grove (BSc Hons, PG Dip, PCIfA), Heritage Field Services

15th January, 2015

The sensors have arrived!

Today I received five FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi-TH+ data loggers in the post. The monitors record not only changes in temperature, but also relative humidity - exactly what I’m looking for.

I work for Heritage Field Services and am actively involved in heritage projects with archaeological sites, monuments and historic buildings. Many of these sites have the potential to be severely damaged by cold, damp, and extremes of humidity. Currently, monitoring and responding to fluctuations in any of these different variables is an important part of my role - the ability to automate a large chunk of this work using the sensors is a really exciting development.

There are many different application areas where these sensors could be deployed - in both private and public spaces - and the results of these trials could significantly alter how we monitor our sites in the future.

From what I’ve seen so far, they look really simple to set up. What’s more, they arrived already fully charged – all I need to do now is set up my Cloud account and I will be able to start taking readings.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get from the different sites I want to use them on – I’ve got plenty of places in mind!

I’ll keep you posted.

Created on 19/03/2015