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Installing a comprehensive environmental monitoring system in your warehouse can be vital in upholding industry standards when storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods. FilesThruTheAir provides a range of wireless temperature monitoring solutions to raise alerts, record temperatures and store data automatically to the cloud, enabling remote access on PC, tablet or smartphone.

The increase in legislation means that monitoring temperature and humidity is essential in ensuring safe storage in both warehousing and transit.

In addition, keeping accurate and consistent data records are needed to prove due diligence in upholding these standards. A system which alerts the user to any breaches of pre-set temperature and humidity levels, as well as recording, this is extremely beneficial both for the safe storing of goods and future industry inspections and reporting.

The FilesThruTheAir range of WiFi-connected data loggers wirelessly records and stores data to the EasyLog Cloud platform, an online system that allows you to monitor, manage and analyse data from multiple devices across numerous locations all in one place. When a device is triggered into alarm mode, an email is automatically sent to pre-specified recipients detailing when it was triggered and at what temperature...

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Created on 12/03/2019