The Importance of Accurate Data Loggers in Reducing Global Warming

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Are you having a MELTDOWN?

Introducing the EL-MOTE WiFi Data Logging Range

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Are you having a MELTDOWN?

In all this delightful weather we have been having recently, unfortunately, some of our freezers and refrigerators up and down the country can't handle this heat! 

Keep an eye on your precious stock by using our WiFi-connected data loggers to avoid a freezer fiasco!

1. Buy one of our EL-MOTE-TP or EL-WiFi-TP data loggers
2. Head to to set up an EasyLog Cloud account (this is how you will view your fridge or freezer temperature data!)
3. Download our simple-to-use App or set-up software (depending on which product you bought) and set up your logger
4. Keep an eye on your fridge or freezer remotely using the EasyLog Cloud App and receive notification emails if your fridge or freezer goes into a high or low-temperature alarm zone!
5. Keep your cool knowing that you've got access to data anywhere, at any time!

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Created on 10/07/2018