Agricultural & Animal Welfare Monitoring


Data loggers are ideal for monitoring many agricultural and livestock processes. From the monitoring of temperature and humidity in commercial greenhouses, to the ambient monitoring of livestock enclosures and feed warehousing, or storage of wine during the fermentation process, data loggers provide an inexpensive means of monitoring parameters such as humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide both indoors and outdoors.

Crop Cultivation

Temperature and humidity loggers can monitor climatic conditions to help identify optimum planting areas. They can also monitor greenhouse or warehouse environments that need to be maintained at specified temperatures and humidity levels for optimum crop cultivation and storage.


Data loggers can be used to monitor temperature and humidity to help ensure animals are kept in the correct environment, to help with wellbeing and to reduce disease and losses from environmental impact. Monitoring temperature and humidity of animal enclosures and transport can help to show trends in these factors and their effect on animal welfare. 


FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can also be used in monitoring vaccinations and medicines in veterinary practices. Use of our glycol probes can replicate temperatures of vaccinations in refrigeration, ensuring the medicines vets use are stored in appropriate and safe conditions. 

See also Vaccine & Pharmaceutical Monitoring.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

EasLog offers two temperature and humidity monitoring solutions ideal for crop and livestock monitoring: our USB range and WiFi-connected EL-MOTE products.

The temperature and humidity range of USB connected devices are low-cost and hardwearing, ingress from water and dust to IP67. Simply leave to log in the desired space and plug the device into the PC to view, analyse and export the data. The EL-USB-2 is a screenless option, and the EL-USB-2-LCD comes with a small in-built screen, handy for displaying live data and performing quick spot checks.

The EL-MOTE-TH & TH+ are discreet, screenless data loggers that connect to the EasyLog Cloud for remote monitoring, ideal for outdoor applications due to its IP67 rating. Simply set up within a WiFi-range or cellular router and leave it to log automatically to the EasyLog Cloud and send email alerts to the user if certain temperature and humidity levels are breached. Ideal for single sensor systems, or a complex array of multiple sensors spanning various locations across the globe, all communicating with the same online account. 

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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

The FilesThruTheAir range of vaccine data loggers combine a high-accuracy temperature sensor and thermistor probe in a glycol bottle. These glycol filled probes are designed to provide a buffered response to changes in the temperature.  This helps to simulate the thermal lag experienced by products stored in the monitored environment.

These loggers are available with USB or WiFi connectivity. The EL-USB-VAC records over 32,000 readings which can be viewed and analysed with its free software, as well as having an LCD screen to display live readings. 

The EL-WiFi-VAC is connected via WiFi to the EasyLog Cloud, where it stores data to be reviewed and managed remotely. Should the temperature exceed or drop below the limitations pre-set by the user, an email alert will be sent to the chosen email account, alerting them and allowing preventitive action to be taken before the vaccine is no longer safe.

USB-Connected Vaccine Logger

WiFi-Connected Vaccine Logger