Agricultural & Animal Welfare Monitoring


Data loggers are ideal for monitoring many agricultural and livestock processes. From the monitoring of temperature and humidity in commercial greenhouses to the ambient monitoring of livestock enclosures and feed warehousing or storage of wine during the fermentation process, data loggers provide an inexpensive means of monitoring parameters such as humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide both indoors and outdoors.

Crop Cultivation

Temperature and humidity loggers can monitor climatic patterns to help identify optimum planting areas, and can also monitor greenhouse or warehouse environments which need to be maintained at specified temperatures and humidity levels for optimum crop cultivation and storage.


Data loggers can be used to monitor conditions to help ensure animals are kept in the correct environment, to help with wellbeing and to reduce disease and losses from environmental impact. Monitoring temperature and humidity of animal enclosures and warehousing can help to show trends in these factors and their effect on animal welfare. 


FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can also be used in monitoring vaccinations and medicines in veterinary practices. Use of our glycol probes can replicate temperatures of vaccinations in refrigeration, ensuring the medicines vets use are stored in appropriate and safe conditions.

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