About Us

FilesThruTheAirTM is a trade mark of Corintech Ltd., a UK based electronic product design and manufacturing company established in 1977. Traditionally designing and manufacturing custom designs on a subcontracting basis in the UK and the Far East, Corintech also has its own range of FilesThruTheAirTMmeasurement and monitoring products. The FilesThruTheAirTM products specialise in WiFi and touch screen technology with a range of WiFi data logging sensors and smart thermometers.

We have Design, Sales and Support teams here in the UK but also in Hong Kong and the USA.  This allows the FilesThruTheAirTM team to successfully incorporate the latest WiFi and touch screen technology and give expert advice on measurement and monitoring product solutions around the globe. For more details please see the contact page.

If you would like to join the FilesThruTheAirTM team please visit Corintech careers to view available positions.